Last Thoughts

Recently, I’ve talked with a few people about life, more specifically the high school life us seniors have essentially just finished. As we shared the usual gossip which always tends to come out whether you like it or not, there was a lot of talk about “fake” people. I’d like to take a bit more time to address this. Some people, whom I would describe as fake, have the dangerous and disturbing penchant for masquerading as someone that they aren’t, and the only time they are “real” is in front of their closest friends or their family. This is pretty bad. I’m not sure why some people think they are supposed to be better at pretending to be someone they aren’t than being the person they are. And when people realize that their life is just an act, I both chuckle because they had it coming and cringe in angstension at the same time. If people don’t see the morally unacceptable side of being fake, then at least observe the embarrassment and social fallout that people face when their act is uncovered along with the fact that this uncovering is inevitable.

Despite this, I’d just like to say that I’ve had an excellent time in my brief two years at Consol and in College Station. I’ve met a multitude of new people, all of them boundlessly unique and interesting, certainly more interesting than the standard Dallas private school kids around which I had spent all of my time up there. I certainly look forward to next year in college, but at the same time I know I’ll be leaving behind a huge number of great people, many of whom I have not had the opportunity  to get to know as well as I would like. I know graduating is supposed to be a big deal, but as it approaches, it seems to be more and more tame and just part of everyday life than I would have ever expected.

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