The English language needs a word to describe the moment in sports at which something that is both beautiful and insanely god-like occurs. Sure, you can say “wow that was amazing” or “he’s working those angles like a diamond cutter” or “his reactions are like a mongoose on meth,” but that really doesn’t cut it. There needs to be a single word that can match the intensity and insanity of such a moment.

I suggest that we adopt the word “insanirelease” to describe these moments.

Example: On youtube, there are more and more super high quality 4k videos each day. These are great for watching nature scenes, but even better for watching sports. A few weeks ago, I was watching a 4k video of Roger Federer practicing. The video was courtside, so you get a great feel for what the players are experiencing. And after a few standard shots back and forth, Roger, the maestro, steps inside the baseline on a short ball while running around his backhand and unleashes with his liquid whip of a forehand, hitting a clean, crisp inside out winner. This shot was a moment of insanirelease, because its insanity resulted in an unparalleled cosmic release of tension. The video is given below (Note: I  realize this may seem lame if you don’t like tennis. In that case, pick a sport you like so you can get your moment of insanirelease)

The shot is at 0:11

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