Summary 1: In this post, the author described a zen pencil which depicted water, and how it ebbs and flows. The author adds that he picked this cartoon because it spoke to him as he has experienced the difficulties of adapting to moving multiple times across the state of Texas. The author ends his post by giving a brief and concise description of the simple artwork in this cartoon, which portrayed a man sitting under an Asian tree.

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Summary 2: In this post, the author described the infamous dentist hunter who killed Cecil the lion. She proceeded to outline the story and background. Then, she added that even though this case is certainly sad and the lion probably should not have died this way, it is also sad that such a seemingly trivial story could take up so much press when there were many other much more important stories surfacing simultaneously.

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Summary 3: In this post, the author described the cartoon that depicted a huge boxer fighting a much smaller boxer. This smaller boxer won the fight because he worked harder in practice. Then, the author began to describe how her experiences in swimming and school demonstrated that “will must be more than skill.”

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