James Rhodes’ cartoon “Is that not worth exploring?” is the one that speaks to me. I’m not sure what exactly has attracted me to it. Perhaps it was that it spoke about playing the piano, which is where the majority of my time outside of school goes, or because it speaks to the superficiality of modern day life, something that I have often recognized but failed to escape. Rhodes points out that generally most people will have about six hours of free time each day (in my opinion, it’s probably a little bit less) which should be spent on something worth exploring. Even a few hours at the piano can create incredible results with relatively little sacrifice.

It seems as if today, with social media at the forefront of interactions, time is even more fleeting. We spend five minutes crafting a tweet here or five minutes scrolling through our Facebook feed there that, in a day, we easily waste an hour. This effectively means each year, we lose about 15 days, if not more considering the hour per day estimation is in many cases an underestimation. The images on this cartoon portray this sense of confusion and frustration that results from this wastefulness of modern day life perfectly.

This cartoon is especially relevant to me because I was never involved in social media until quite recently.  Ever since getting involved, I’ve felt a little bit more lost. Of course, there are some benefits, namely that communication is easier. But is that really worth the time that is wasted? That is what this cartoon is getting at. There are so many things worth exploring that aren’t the piano. But the social media age has inhibited, I think it’s fair to say, almost everybody’s ability to do so.

Link to the cartoon referred to above:

4 thoughts on “Cartoon

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your blog about the zen pencil. Actually, I came across this one while doing this assignment and almost did it myself. Your dedication and love for the piano is extremely impressive and definitely is shown. Also, I enjoyed reading the paragraph when you talk about how much time is wasted on social media. The cartoon I ended up picking actually did cover a similar topic so it was interesting to see the relation. Furthermore, I agree when you talk about how one benefit of social media is that it does make communication easier, yet still takes away so much of our day. I loved getting to read and relate your cartoon to the one I chose.


  2. I loved reading your blog about zen pencil! I liked your analysis of social media, as well as your connection to your own life. I, like Reagan, agree that social media has positive and negative impacts. Your dedication and commitment to piano is impressive as well- the cartoon that I picked from zen pencil was about the results dedication can produce.


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