I would say that the most active form of writing that I engage in is texting. Most of the time, the subject of my texting is boring, talking about stuff I have to do, what is due when, or what people are doing. Sometimes, I argue, which is, in general, a slightly higher form of writing, as it requires some thought, and the arguments I make require some organization. Most of the time, however, this form of writing only decreases the quality of my writing, because I never spell things correctly, and my grammar is altogether abysmal.

The other type of writing I write is math. It is safe to say that I really like math, so I have written papers about it and sometimes write random proofs. For me, I don’t really care too much about many other topics, so I prefer not to write about anything else in my free time. All I need to do this is a quiet room without music, a paper, and a pencil. I don’t really need anything in particular because in mathematics, it is the ideas that in the end count. Nobody gets rewarded for writing a neat proof; people get rewarded for writing a logically sound proof. I don’t really share my writing with anyone, except for maybe some professors, because, to be honest, not many people really care about math. I do this writing because it is a challenge, and I am intellectually curious, and there is nothing that stimulates my mind more than a math proof. This type of writing probably helps me most in the fact that it makes it easier to craft arguments, because proofs are arguments, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it also has the effect of making my writing much more dull.

The last summer, I spent most of my summer writing a math paper for a research project. I’m not sure why writing about math is so interesting to me, but it probably has something to do with the fact that writing math papers and proofs produce the most tangible results. If I had unlimited time, I would probably spend it writing or coming up with proofs. Ultimately, that could very likely be something I end up doing for the rest of my life, because I’m going to major in math, and that’s pretty much what mathematicians do.

3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. I think it is agreeable that texting constitutes a large portion of our writing, at least in our generation.

    Quite interesting, however, that the writing you do outside of this is mathematically oriented. It is very neat to see someone who is engaged in this sort of field, and you seem to have a good degree of experience when it comes to maths. Although I’m not interested in mathematics as a focused field of study, I would like to know more about the format, structure, and standards that are required in mathematical writings. Is this an interest that you’ve discovered as a younger person?

    Writing (in human culture) seems to be a universal tool and base medium for academia. It is interesting to see someone as engaged as you are in mathematical studies that involves writing as a primary means of intellectual expression.


    • Generally speaking the format is quite simple, though it needs to be clear. I discovered this interest at quite a young age because I always found math classes quite boring, so I would write up solutions to more difficult problems either during my free time or during class.


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